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They have another big advantage over AirSnore other pillows of which many of their users may not even be aware. They do not support dust mite infestations. All conventional pillows, world wide, are subject to dust mite infestations. Dust mites are microscopic members of the arachnid (spider) family. Under a microscope, they are the most disgusting things you've ever seen. They don't bite people, but live on dead skin and dander cells.Their dead bodies and feces actually add considerable weight to any pillow that has been in use for any length of time. While they don't bite, their remains and feces do give off allergens which can contribute to asthma and allergies. Buckwheat pillows are the only ones that do not support these dust mite infestations, other than pillows which have either been chemically treated or else plasticized. These treatments are more harmful to humans than the dust mites they are preventing.

Another very important feature, is the adjustability of the volume of hulls in the pillow to your very own comfort level. Their comfort comes from the ability of the pillow to conform to the exact curvature of your head and neck, and the even support it provides on all parts of the head and neck. This is made possible by the minute ridges on each hull, which causes them to grip each other, thus providing the unique support, which in turn provides their mode of comfort, as opposed to the simple softness of conventional pillows. I call this feature malleability.

That is where the adjustability factor fits in. Each pillow has in one end a concealed nylon zipper which allows each person to add or remove hulls from their pillow. The volume of the hulls determines the amount of support the hulls provide, and so you can actually adjust the pillow to your own unique comfort level, just by adding or removing hulls from your pillow. No conventional pillow can match this feature.This same malleability feature is what endears these pillows to the chiropractic community, because it allows the pillow to conform to the exact cervical curvature of your neck. This is the reason so many people report relief from so many ailments such as neck pain, migraine headaches, snoring, and insomnia, among others.