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Respiratory problems have been a long-time ActivGuard Bladder Control Review disease of the people in the Philippines. We may not be surprised if one day, these respiratory-related illnesses shall be the top and primary cause of death among the people. Therefore, this study of innovations regarding respiratory care is somehow helping us improve our knowledge and therefore as a result, we may obtain better quality of life. With the development of these techniques, we are able to contribute to the application of research advancements. The reliability of medical treatment for respiratory illnesses may be increased with the help of these innovations. We should be in a hurry to improve the quality of health care and much more the quality of life by starting with the application and recognition of these kinds of advancements.

Respiratory related illnesses rank 3rd among the leading causes of death in 2007. In today's time, it is but common to see a person with simple colds or coughing out loud. Little do they know that this may progress into an even worse medical condition. The last decades witnessed the continuous worsening of the survival rate of people especially regarding respiratory diseases. In this decade alone, Meningococcemia, Bird Flu and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome bombarded all of us with fear and distress.

With the development of the new equipments stated above, the reliability of medical treatment of respiratory diseases becomes better and the mortality rate can be decreased. As they are geared towards the good of patients, these research advancements will take their toll as they will be applied in the actual patients and return good therapeutic responses. We are often downed by diseases because most of the time, we tend to belittle those etiologic agents that surround us. Now is the time to end up the skirmishes and begin with the real battle punctiliously.

There are three innovations in respiratory care mentioned in the journal 1 Measuring Cardiac Output using CO2; 2 High-flow oxygen delivery; and 3 Heliox for treating respiratory distress. Respironics Company developed new techniques for measuring cardiac output Partial carbon dioxide rebreathing. The new noninvasive cardiac output NICO monitor measures the baseline and rebreathing end-tidal CO2 and calculates cardiac output. Patients receiving mechanical ventilation can acquire this type of monitoring by the use of special circuit. Partial CO2 rebreathing monitoring is proven to be an acceptable alternative to using invasive cardiac output measurements.