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In my own research I have noticed that three ingredients can American Natural Super Collagen Review form the basis of a very effective skincare product. So I recommend you check if they are in the product you are considering.These three foundation ingredients are:CynergyTK TM.This is almost a miracle ingredient for skincare. Clinical trials conducted to rigorous standards have conclusively shown it reduces fine lines and wrinkles in skin. Further, it makes skin more firm, soft and glowing. If you can find this in a skincare product it will have a lot of benefits.

Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10.This is the second ingredient IChucklefish recommend, because this (equally) cutting edge compound can move through seven layers of skin to deliver what can only be called a 'dramatic' anti-wrinkle effect. It is the buzz of the industry at the moment. Try to find products that use it. Phytessence Wakame.

Once again the smooth skinned Japanese have come up with a winner. This is an extract from seaweed found in Japan and it helps to make skin elastic and smooth. Which translates into 'youthful' in my books.Sorry that there is no easy, automatic answer to the question, 'Which is the most effective skincare product' But now you can at least make your pick of good products thoughtfully, since you have my guide to the two things to ask questions about (the manufacturer and the ingredients he uses) and my suggestion that three ingredients in particular are cutting edge and highly effective.