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Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, hold 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review your arms straight out in front of you (to help with your balance). Start to sit back, bending your knees, like you are about to sit in a chair, with your hips going as far back and down as you can. Your knees should be in one straight line with your ankles, never going past your toes. Try to keep your weight in your heels. Push yourself back up to the start position. Repeat.

Laying on your back, with your hands laying straight at your sides, bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Pressing into your heels, raise your hips up towards the ceiling while squeezing your glutes. Hold. Lower back to starting position. Grab a chair, stool or bench. Start by sitting on your chair, placing your hands on each side of your legs, fingers facing forwards, legs bent with feet on the floor in front of you.

Move your hips forward so that they are off the chair, right in front of it. Begin to bend your elbows, making sure that they are pointing out behind you and move your hips down towards the floor. Push back up with your hands to the starting position. To begin, stand tall and extend your arms straight out to your sides, so that they are in one straight line from your shoulders. Start making small circles forwards with both arms at the same time, doing as many as you can. Repeat, making backward circles.

You will need a towel (or a resistance band if you have one) for this exercise. Step on one end of the towel with your right foot, holding the other end in your right hand, palm facing forward. Bending your right arm up, pull on the towel until you feel a good resistance. Hold for about 20-30 seconds. Release. Repeat. Perform the same amount of reps on your left arm.