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It is effective in stopping the bear from Alive After The Fall 2 Review its intent to attack while not killing the animal in the process. How does this bear pepper spray work. Capsaicin and other capsaicinoids are the active components present in Oleoresin Capsicum. More normally called OC, it is a natural, resin-like substance that is contained in chili peppers.

These bear sprays, containing OC, cause a quick yet impermanent burning sensation on the skin as well as a tearing, painful, swelling of the eyes. Upon inhalation of OC, the mucus membranes that line the respiratory tract begin to swell. This makes breathing difficult and prohibits the bear from further attacking you. This gives you time to escape and ask for help.

The advantage of bear pepper sprays is that they do not cause permanent damage unlike mace or firearms. The animal will only stay incapacitated for a specific period of time, which is around thirty to forty minutes. The effects will also depend on the strength of the spray. One clinical study found out that one-time exposure of the eyes to OC has no serious effects whatsoever.

Now that you realize the importance of bear pepper sprays, it is about time to get yourself one. Danger comes in different forms and it is better to prevent yourself from falling victim to accidents which could have been otherwise prevented. By carrying your very own bear pepper spray, you can explore and enjoy hiking in the great outdoors with a calm and peaceful mind knowing that you are able to defend yourself.