Bruger:ActivGuard Bladder Control Review 1

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People get urinary infection ActivGuard Bladder Control in different ways and a commonly recommended antidote is to take plenty of fluids. Ample liquid intake in the form of water or other fluids increases body hydration levels and the frequency of urination. Both these are helpful in destroying and washing out the bacteria of the urinary tract. Daily intake of cranberry juice is also advised in controlling bladder infection and turmeric also assists in this process.

With cranberry juice, it has been found that it is the acidity of the juice that is helpful in controlling infection. Since bacteria cannot grow well in an acidic environment, one can understand how cranberry juice becomes useful in bladder infection prevention. A direct experimental connection has not been established between bladder infection and turmeric. Still, it has been established that turmeric is germicidal, and as such it may enhance the effect.

Research is being conducted on curcumin - the active ingredient - particularly its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and its effect on cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Even though it may take more time for researchers to establish a direct connection between bladder infection and turmeric, it is still useful to take health supplements that contain this spice because of the general association between turmeric and good health.